Laser Carbon Facial

Laser Carbon Facial origination

The Laser Carbon Facial, also know as the Black Doll treatment originated  in Korea and quickly spread to China. This is where the name ‘Black Doll treatment’ was born as it left clients with a flawless porcelain doll like complexion.  From here it spread to the Western World where celebraties made this their favoured treatment for fast results with no down time.

Over the last decade this treatment further popularised and became more affordable for us all to try…and therefore we are delighted to offer this service to you.


What is a carbon facial?

The carbon facial is non invasive treatment with minimal to zero downtime.
As this is a heat treatment, the skin may be slightly flushed immediately after treatment but this should subside within an hour.
Moisturiser and make-up CAN be applied immediately after if required, we highly recommend a mineral powder should you wish to use make-up. However as you have instant results from this treatment we would advise to keep your skin fresh and clear as long as you can.


Tell me about the treatment?

After cleansing your face a layer of liquid carbon will be applied to your face and neck and allowed to dry.
Like any standard face mask the carbon will dry and absorb any bacteria, oil, dirt and grease on your skin.
Then, rather than wipe off the mask and wipe all the bacteria and dirt over your face, we painlessly blast the carbon which evaporates leaving the skin fresh and clear.


What are the benefits?

Removing the laser with carbon will:

Evaporate dead skin cells
Gently exfoliate the new layer of skin
Help remove blackheads and whiteheads

As the laser penetrates the skin you will find that it:

Evens out skin tone and pigmentation
Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Provides instantly Plumper, Firmer and Tighter skin
Leaves skin super fresh light and clean with a glowing and healthy complexion

As this is a heat treatment, it carries even more benefits:

By reducing  the bacteria which reduces blackheads, whiteheads and further  acne breakouts
Reduces the size of your oil production glands resulting in less oil production and pore build up


How often do I need it?

The great thing about this treatment is you determine when you need or want this.

Try it as a one off treatment if you are attending a special event or occasion and need a flawless refreshed complexion.
Alternatively you can have the treatment every 1-2 weeksfor longer lasting results.
(Should you wish to book  a course of 5 we’ll even give you the 6th one for free!)



Full face £25

Face an neck £35

Other areas of the body can be treated, please click here to message us with your desired areas and we can quote you.