Laser Hair Removal

Origination of Laser Hair Removal

For as far back as we can remember men and women have always possessed a desire to permanently remove unwanted body hair.
The first laser designed to destroy hair follicles was invented in 1960 however it could only minimise hairgrowth and often resulted in damage to the skin. In the 70’s laser technology progressed and whilst safer than before it could not produce enough heat to destroy the hair follicle meaning permanent results were almost always unachievable.
In 1983 scientists finally managed to produce a laser which could effectively target the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.

Fast forward to the present day and home use laser machines are readily available. However the high cost and slower results compared to salon lasers does not always make this an attractive choice.


Tell me about the treatment

Here at real beauty we use a  Q Switched ND:YAG Laser.
In laymans terms, our laser is suitable for all skin types and hair colour. As the laser targets pigment colour the darker the hair the faster the results can be achieved. We can treat blonde and ginger hair too, however this may take slightly longer to get the desired results.
During treatment, we place a cooling gel on the area to be treated and using the laser work our way over the entire area you want to be hairfree. You will be required to wear black out goggles to protect your eyes.

The treatment should not be painful at all, you will feel warmth with a slight pricking sensation after each laser shot, settings can and will be adjusted dependant on client and area to be treated.


What are the benefits

No more ‘growing’ hair ready for waxing
Visible reduction in hair growth after 1 treatment
Cost effective compared to razors, waxing etc…
Time effective – no need to shave, pluck or wax once you are hair free
Healthy skin, no more irritation, razor rash or ingrown hairs


How often do I need it

Hair removal is normally purchased in a block of 6 sessions as this is classed as the ‘average’ amount of treatments required for removal – this is not a set figure though and we cannot guarantee this as each client is different.

Each session is spaced between  4-6 weeks apart so that a new hair growth cycle can be targeted. The laser will destroy approximately 80% of hair in each new hair growth cycle hence the need for several sessions to be hair free.


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