Semi Permanent Makeup

The Origination of Semi Permanent Make-up

The first documented permanent makeup treatment was performed in 1902 and was a cheek blush.

In the 20’s the trending treatment of an “all-year-round delicate pink complexion” on the cheeks  became popular in the USA. Many beauty salons tattooed many women without their knowledge, offering it as a “complexion treatment, this was done by injecting vegetable dyes under the top layer of the skin.


What areas can be treated?

Here at Real beauty we can offer:

Hairstroke eyebrows     (this style mimics natural hair for a natural look)
Powder eyebrows           (this style looks like brows that have been defined with a pencil but still natural)
Eyeliner                            (Top and/or Bottom liner is available)
Lip liner                            (Choose either a bright colour or something natural to add definition to lips)
Lip blush                           (This will change the base colour of your lips to the chosen ink)


Tell me about the treatment

At your initial appointment, we start  by numbing the area to be treated and choosing a colour that will compliment your skin tone. Once numb, we will draw an eyebrow shape to suit you and only once you are happy with the shape and colour selection do we then start to tattoo.

Through out the procedure we will reapply numbing cream to keep any discomfort to a minimum…..we have been complimented several times on how painless treatment is with us compared to other technicians.
We figure if you are comfortable and happy through the treatment, so are we and results will be faster and better acheived.


How often do I need it?

Top up of your initial treatment is highly recommended within 1 – 3 months and its usually included in the initial price too!
This initial top up will touch up any parts which may have faded during healing, it also allows for slight shape or colour change if required and ultimately it will pro-long the life span of your make up.

After initial top up, your make up should last between 3 – 5 years. However, it does fade according to individual *lifestyle and so you may want a top up before then. Most people usually get a refresher every 12 – 1 8 months.

*Dependant on lifestyle, i.e..if you smoke, drink, swim and/or use sunbeds, you may find you want a top up a little sooner as these can reduce the longevity of your make-up.


If you have any questions – or wish to book then please click here. Alternatively give us a call on 07843 236 087