Laser Hair Removal (IPL)

For our hair removal we use the Nd Yag laser. This is our choice of laser as it can be safely used on all skin types including tanned/ darker skin. This is something that not all lasers can offer.
As the Nd Yag has a low melanin absorbption it means that not only can it be used on all skin types, there is also very little risk of your skin becoming hypo/hyper pigmented (dark/ light patches) from treatment.
Laser hair removal can take between 6-12 treatments to get hair free results that can last for years. However from your first treatment you will notice the amount of time it takes for your hair to grow is significantly slower than before treatment.

Patch tests are required prior to treatment*

What to do before treatment?
As strange as it sounds you need to shave the area to be treated 24/48 hours before your appointment. The reason for this is the longer the hair, the longer the laser pulse has to travel and as we want to target the root having no hair helps this. You also need to ensure you have no perfumes, tanning products or creams on the skin prior to your treatment.

Performing the treatment.
A cooling gel is applied to your skin and protective goggles are provided to prevent your eyes from being damaged by the laser. The setting of the laser will be adjusted dependant on the area to be treated and should have already been agreed during your patch test. The treatment is fairly quick and pretty painless. You may feel a little pinch and warmth in the treated area on each shot of the laser, this should not hurt as the cooling gel will be in contact with your skin and the laser strength pre-set for your comfort level.

After treatment.
It is possible for your skin to be a little pinkish after treatment. You will not be able to wear make up for 24 hours (mineral makeup is allowed). Swimming, saunas, hot baths/ showers and any exercise that increases your body temperature are also not allowed for 24 hours too. Wearing a SPF cream is advised, should you need to cool the treated area Aloe Vera gel is recommended.No tanning (fake, sun or sunbeds) should take place during your course of treatment or within 1 month after.

*treatment will be refused without a patch test.

# please note; this treatment may not be effective on blonde or grey hair.

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