Laser Tattoo Removal

Origination of Tattoo Removal

The word Tattoo comes from the Tahitan word ‘tatu’ which translates as ‘to mark something’.

Tattooing is an art form where a pigment (ink) is inserted into the skin.
Early origins showed tattoos were used in different cultures as marking for religious worship or punishment. Around the 16th century many sailors returned from expeditions with markings of their travels and so tattoos were regarded as low class. Over time as artists improved, tattoos were reserved for aristocrats and high end professionals. Again when the cost lowered it was then regarded as low class until the 60’s.
In the 60’s, tattoos re-entered the mainstream and became more acceptable, this has continued to grow from strength to strength and estimates say around 1 in 3 people now has at least one tattoo.

Back to the present day and tattooing has evolved massively. The art work by professionals, ink quality and needle choice has improved leaving some earlier tattooes undesirable – and that is where we can help!!

Does it hurt?

Yes but the pain varies from person to person and of course on the area you are having laser.

Some people find the tattoo more painful then the removal.
If you were to ask me personally what it feels like I find the reference to hot fat spitting at you from a frying pan as a very good likeness, however some people simply refer to it as elastic bands snapping on your skin.

If you’re nervous and want to try before you by we can offer a free no obligation patch test for you,

If you find it still hurts but you really want it gone then don’t worry, we do have super strength numbing cream available for purchase!


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